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TLT Certified Professionals

What can you expect from a certified Tight Loose Tight Practitioner?

Become a Tight Loose Tight certified leader

Tight Loose Tight is often easy to understand, but hard to practice. Many organizations have set Loose Tight Loose in systems, and leaders do not see it as their role to think about the users or what kind of effect the teams are having on the users. 

A Tight Loose Tight certified practitioner is trained in having a steady view of the user, giving inspiration to the team, and supporting other leaders in adopting the Tight Loose Tight model. 

In the certification program that is set up over 5 months, you are expected to practice the theory as we progress and share your experience with other students. 

A TLT Practitioner is skilled in setting up and adapting goals to the team when working on difficult problems and setting this up in a system for the company overall. The practitioner will also set up a system for structured review and learning, and know how to set up a structure and a process so the team can learn and adapt from user feedback. 

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